The School run what is it REALLY all about??

The school run that goes on and on

So I will be writing some more Blogs on the whole school run,school gates and the mummy subject don’t even get me started on that.I will keep you updated but in the meantime I have a poem I would like to share with you that was written on one of my bad days. I’m sure you can relate to parts or all of this when that dreaded school run won’t disappear and keeps going on and on…

My tears have been streaming and my makeup is smudged I lie on this sofa and I don’t want to be budged,the reason for me saying this is very clear the school run is approaching and ever so near.Tick Tock here I go fake smile red lipstick it’s always for show.No crowds whining kids they’ve all gone home and here I am standing in this playground all alone.Yes Yes Yes I always time it well, here she is ready and waiting with stories to tell.I will be getting up tomorrow and doing it all over again,you annoy, piss me off and you certainly ain’t my friend.My Daughter is now at Secondary school and all the years of the school runs are over I was one of those mums who absolutely hated it yayyyyy signing off Kelly

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