I want to bottle those days forever

Such a perfect quote when you live with Bipolar. I seize the moment and have always lived in the present, I have never looked to the future as I will never know how I will feel, as they say, it is what it is, its not what it should have been,not what it could have […]

He had to hear this it’s our wedding day

This poem is called A TWIT TO WOO So it really was a sensational day, lots of laughter and tears.I have been with my husband for 21years married 16yrs.I guess it was quirky but a traditional day we had a gospel choir,very moving,I really recommend that,fanfare,toastmaster,chimney sweep,looking back it was bloody brilliant.So speeches arrived they […]

The School run what is it REALLY all about??

The school run that goes on and on So I will be writing some more Blogs on the whole school run,school gates and the mummy subject don’t even get me started on that.I will keep you updated but in the meantime I have a poem I would like to share with you that was written […]

The Blog that’s not a Blog

Right I’ve been having a disaster I’m new to WordPress and not particularly a social media lover.Two of my favourite things ever is to write and to talk so Blogging I’m here ready to go but what’s put me off is the technical side of things and initial layout, I have scrolled threw various links […]

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