The Blog that’s not a Blog

Right I’ve been having a disaster I’m new to WordPress and not particularly a social media lover.Two of my favourite things ever is to write and to talk so Blogging I’m here ready to go but what’s put me off is the technical side of things and initial layout, I have scrolled threw various links no use at all it just hasn’t clicked.I believe my blog is now up and running I stumbled threw a newsfeed but I honestly want to change so many things and don’t know how.I have published 2 posts and believe they have been viewed so something is heading in the right direction.Can anybody offer me any advice for a beginner,I have lots to publish and just need it displayed properly.Do bloggers also add a website?? Is that more appealing to viewers?I’m working from my mobile a lot is that less effective than a laptop it appears there are more features on laptops, I have put some beautiful pictures up on my media pages (on mobile)but they are not available to view for bloggers.I think my blog is invisible at the moment because I haven’t set it up correctly.I would love your advice and expertise I’m completely pissed off today because it’s my passion.Maybe it’s trial and error lots of learning,mainly I want people to discover my blog but( I’m the blog that’s not a blog)in fact I feel like changing my user name.Thankyou for reading this (as she continues ) Kelly

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