Just a old poem found in a old drawer

Busy Busy Bumblebee all day long,up down round and round well here comes a song, my mind will not let up and give me some rest,it’s punishing and painful to be put threw another test,your a relentless little bastard and I hate you don’t you know, after the high will always come the low.Words,Songs ideas pass threw my brain,jump aboard I’m ready to get on that runaway train! Colours,Sounds,noises are all so vivid having Bipolar is so so cruel and makes me feel livid.My body is running with electricity I feel on fire,maybe while going threw this episode I can get everything I desire.My speech is rapid my brain will just not stop.The fastness is frightening and my mind is about to pop,I’m waiting for normality to return and bring me back to my life,you see I am so many things to many people but mainly a devoted mother and loving wife.Achieve Achieve Achieve that’s all I want to do if people knew about my Bipolar they just wouldn’t have a clue.Vibrant energetic productive and full of fun,you must understand stay out my way and let me get my jobs done.I’m in workaholic mode phone calls,Fb letters galore,my mind is alive and I just want to explore.I can’t settle I just want to sit still and keep being me, free as a bird high or low we will just have to wait and see..Organise clean,swim and run will this release my energy or maybe I’m having fun.I’m gonna go upstairs take a tablet send this mania on it’s way.But when you live with Bipolar thats always the price you have to pay.I hope you like my poem,this was written 7 years ago,found in a mucky old drawer, start of many. Comments welcome Kelly

Perfectly Imperfect

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