I’m that lady called Kelly

Well firstly my name is Kelly,I’m married and we have a daughter who is our world.Finally it’s my time to write my blog and share my story not my amazing journey, these two words are so overused and I dislike them ouch!! I have been writing journals for decades there are pieces of old paper everywhere in my cupboards with stories to tell,so I would say this is a lifestyle blog about everything and anything, you see I have lived with OCD and Bipolar for 25yrs now half of my adult life,I don’t want to make my blog a dark, intense,serious read, it will be made up of lots of light and less shade.I am a woman made up of many pieces,I share my life with people that I love and trust.I will be writing about all the funny stories about being a mum and living with bipolar,the good,bad and ugly, decades have passed and I still continue to work extremely hard to keep myself fit and healthy, I know and hope that my conditions have never held me back or defined me,I will be giving you so much insight, comfort and hope thats what we need when living with mental health conditions,for me I prefer that word to illness.Fitness is fabulous for all of us so lots of advice about health and wellbeing, whether you are a beginner or you are advanced it does not matter.I write and speak from the heart.I hope you will get to know me as time goes by,I laugh cry and battle on but never give up!!! I want to talk about things that make us happy mad and sad, especially the joy our children bring to our lives and the hard times to.I love comedy, films and street photography so there will be plenty of pictures and discussions on my blog.I want to make you laugh,cry, cringe and mainly relate to my stories and advice,now if I can do that I am a happy lady so keep posting and welcome to my Blog

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